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About us

Guacamolito is a proud and authentic Mexican company established in the heart of the most fertile land that produces the best avocados in the world, Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico.


Guacamolito was founded as the solution to the global demand for year-round avocados.  The delicious Hass avocado is a much sought-after seasonal fruit, but because of its physical properties, is not always accessible throughout the year for global consumption.  At Guacamolito, we process and supply the tasty Hass avocados from Michoacán in pure pulp form, preserved and frozen, under the strictest internationally certified quality standards, preserving its exceptional flavor and physical characteristics.  Our desire is to supply the world with the wonderful taste and quality of the Mexican Hass avocados year-round.


We selected Uruapan due to its exceptional climate, warm sun, perfect rain drops, and rich soil, which allows us to produce the world renown Hass avocados year-round.  These avocados are not only flavorful, but as a superfood, also contain a powerhouse of nutrients, providing many health benefits as well.

our mission

Bring the hass avocado to all the corners of the world through a chunky pulp that keeps its delicious and characteristic flavor while taking away the inconveniences associated with its preparation.

our vision

Be the leading hass avocado chunky pulp company, generating value from our farmer to our final consumer, always bearing the seal and flavor of Uruapan, Michoacán.

our values

Quality and integrity to preserve in both flavor and texture.


Hand-picked and hand-packed only 100% Hass Avocado from Michoacán.


Worldwide distribution without limits.

Be the product of choice worldwide.


Create value for our growers, suppliers, shareholders, and above all, our consumers.

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